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Homepage Display Name:TheDeathNotes Broadcast Type:Live Stage What To Expect:Venue with Audience Vocal Style:Loud
Gender:Female Broadcast Style:Group Amplified Language:
Profile description : The Death Notes are a female fronted alternative rock band from Nottingham, England. The bands first release was a self titled 5 track EP on Sonic Disruptor Records released in October 2009. Musical Style : The bands sound has been described as “Siouxsie Sioux fronting the (second album) Horrors” elsewhere the bands sound has been compared with Joy Division, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and Warpaint.
User's reviews
paulbblues on 04 Nov 2012 17:35
Well done, hope to see you on here live very soon.
MrsDarklord on 04 Nov 2012 17:35
Great show as always guys, see you again soon.